Scout Leaders Gather for Frat Camp 2023

1. Scout Leaders Gather for Frat Camp 2023

The Scout Association of Guyana held its annual frat camp in January, providing an opportunity for leaders from all groups across the country to come together, connect, and plan for the year's scouting activities.

Despite the challenges of the past year, it was heartening to see so many dedicated and enthusiastic leaders in attendance, eager to support their scouts and promote the values of the Scout movement.

One of the highlights of the event was the awards ceremony, in which several leaders were recognized for their outstanding support of scouting. GSL, Greene from the Linden Police Scout group was awarded for her resilience and dedication to keeping her group motivated through difficult times. GSL, Laurence Fung of St Stanislaus College Scout group was honored for his tireless commitment to scouting and willingness to go above and beyond to support his scouts, while SL Alleyne a leader of the St. Stanislaus College Scout group received an award for his enthusiastic and dedicated scouting spirit.

These leaders were just a few of the many dedicated individuals who make the Scout movement in Guyana such a success. Their commitment to the values of scouting, including leadership, community service, and personal growth, is an inspiration to us all.

The frat camp was not just an opportunity to recognize these outstanding leaders, but also a chance for all of us to connect, bond, and plan for the year ahead. The weekend was filled with fun activities and informative discussions, providing a valuable opportunity for all of us to learn from one another and strengthen our bonds as a community.

The Scout Association of Guyana is truly grateful for the dedication and commitment of all our leaders, and we look forward to another year of promoting the values of scouting and supporting our scouts in their personal growth and development.

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Scout leaders come together at the annual Frat Camp, united in their commitment to shaping the lives of the youths.

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