Building Bonds and Making Memories

1. Building Bonds and Making Memories

The Scout Association of Guyana recently commemorated its 113th anniversary with a National Camp, aptly themed "Building Bonds and Making Memories." The event saw the participation of scouts from across the country, as well as esteemed guests such as Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips, and several members of the diplomatic corps, including Ms Jane Miller OBE, British High Commissioner to the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and the Director of Youth at the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports Suresh Singh.

The Prime Minister praised the organization for its longevity and traditions, but also stressed the importance of responding to the challenges of each successive generation. He encouraged the Scouts to "put the fun back into childhood" and focus on outdoor activities as a way to relieve the pressures children face. Phillips believes that Scouting promotes fellowship, respect, and nurtures the talent of young people, while also promoting healthy habits and values that shape their outlook on life.

Chief Scout David Carto also spoke on the value of scouting, saying that it provides a platform for youths to express themselves and learn important life skills. Director of Youth Suresh Singh added that scouting helps with critical thinking, problem-solving, and builds confidence.

The National Camp was not only a celebration of the association's anniversary but also a success for the attending Scouts. Many of them shared their experiences of fun, adventure, and learning new skills. They enjoyed recreational activities, savoured the outdoors, and formed lasting bonds with their fellow Scouts.

Chief Commissioner Andrew Ramcharitar was heartened to see the numerous Scouts and leaders at the event, despite the decline in the number of Scouts during the COVID-19 pandemic. He expressed his dream of seeing a Scout group in every school in Guyana.

The Prime Minister pledged the government's support for the work of the Association and challenged them to expand across all of the country's ten administrative regions. He also encouraged more people to get involved in scouting.

The Scout Association of Guyana has survived the test of time, and as the world changes, it continues to evolve to provide valuable experiences for the Guyanese youth.

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Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips delivering his remarks to the scouts at the camp's opening ceremony.

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